Monday, 11 January 2010

Dragon's First Day at Kindy

Today was Dragon’s first day of kindy (daycare).  So much for not making it into a big event so it wouldn’t freak him out... he made it a big event!  He was soooo excited!  I was only going to post one first day photo but in spite of our camera making every photo out of focus and too dark or some other issue (I hate it when cameras wreck special photos!) I felt that you needed to see ALL the photos we took this morning.  Don’t worry, there’s only 8 of them, but they just show Dragon’s personality and his excitement so well!

The drop off went smoothly.  He put his sheets away, we put his lunch box in the fridge together so he could find it later, we put his bag on the racks and we headed to the playground... and he was off!  I wished I had already said goodbye but I hadn’t so I signed him in and tracked him down for a kiss... that was the point that he got cold feet.  “Just stay for a little bit, please”.

I stayed for a bit and then they said his class was about to go inside so I said once they were all gathered to go inside I would leave. “please wait with me until we are inside”.

I went inside and we looked around to see who else was in his class and I gave him another kiss and cuddle and said I was leaving.  “just wait a bit more, please”.

I settled him down at the craft table found him a glue pot and some pom-poms to glue and gave him another kiss and cuddle and I was finally allowed to leave.

I think I liked it this way.  Lion made me feel almost unloved on his first day, I like to be needed but not with tears, just for a bit of reassurance and to help him settle in.

His teachers are wonderful.  As well as Miss C, who we knew he would have, there is one of Lion’s teachers from last year, Miss S, and another two ladies who seem really sweet and gentle.  I don’t really know the other two but if I could have handpicked his teachers I would have given him Miss C and Miss S so we know that it will be a WONDERFUL year.

What is he telling us he did today... “I did some stuff, mum”.  He has let bits and pieces slip though... he was singing a new song that he learnt, he must have heard ‘Little Miss Muffet’ at some point because he knew that one and I don’t think he did before, he turned the cubby house (it’s HUGE) into his house and took Miss C up to show her around and he informed Miss C in a very serious voice that “this was Lion’s kindy but it’s not now... It’s myyyyy kindy”.  He has a way of saying things like that that is so darn cute!  A big smile on his face and excitement in his voice but so serious at the same time that you wouldn’t dare disagree with him.

Well, he can’t wait to go back next week so I think we are on a winner here.
PS.  I survived too.  I picked had a coffee with a friend, picked up a few things I needed to get for Lion for school, took Lion on a promised trip to purchase a Lego set he has been working and saving for, got together a meal for a friend with a new baby and sat down for 5 or 10 minutes in there somewhere.


  1. Those photos are going to come out often in the next 5,10,20,30. . . years. I just know it.

  2. He is such a cutie. Glad it went so well. The anticipation is all over his face in that first picture, he was just ready to go.

    My six year old still tells me they did "nothing" in school that day. I used to joke that the teacher must have wiped out his brains because he can never remember the details. I guess all kids are similar in that respect.

    Or all teachers are stealing their brains. ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing those photos! I LOVE his smile!! You couldn't wipe that grin off of his face, could you?!

    Your boys are sooo handsome!

    Mrs. NB

  4. Those pictures are so sweet, I see why you wanted to share all of them with us! You kept yourself very busy during his first hardly had time to miss him! (But I'm sure you did, anyway!)

  5. Great pics. Dragon, you are super cute. I can't believe you are already at Kindy. I remember being so excited the day you were born. Time flies.

    Mummy McTavish, Im glad you survived the first day since I couldn't drag my huge pregnant stomach out of the house to have coffee with you. The hardest bit is over now. Now you have a few weeks left before you have to face it all again when Lion starts school.

  6. Glad Dragon had a good first day at kindy. He certainly does look excited in those photos.

  7. I'm so glad you posted all of the pictures, they told the story, even if you hadn't added any words. He looks SO excited (and quite adorable!). I think I will be a crying mess once my kids start preschool, and my "babies" will probably walk off without a second glance, ha.

  8. So glad he went well. I know mine both made me feel very unloved on their first day - they just ran off. It is good when they have a wonderful time!
    Glad you survived as well!

  9. Oh such a cutie - making mommy feel so special. Glad all went so well.

  10. Oh I forgot - did the tutu lost today. Will make great gifts.

  11. Love all the pictures, you are surrounded by handsome men. Brought back kindy with my #2 he was so brave and serious and determined to be tough but needed the reassurance of Mom close by.

  12. Way to go Dragon!
    He has such a super happy grin on his face.
    Here's to a wonderful year of fun and learning for him.

  13. He is so adorable! He only goes one day a week? Either way, he looks like he was all ready.

    He's got the best smile, truly! I love how excited he looks!

  14. You are right. There is no way that I could have chosen just one of these photos. They are darling!


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