Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday Snapshot

It's been one of those weeks that just flew by...

Monday we spent a big chunk of the day with Grannysaurus picking new taps etc for our bathroom.
Tuesday Wolf had the day off so we could take the kids to see an exhibit at the Museum of Tropical Queensland (MTQ).  They had a special exhibit “Creepy Crawlies Alive” and indeed they were, creepy, crawly and alive, that is.  They had Giant Burrowing Cockroaches, Giant Stick Insects, Bird Eating Spiders, Millipedes, Large Brown Scorpions (seriously,  that’s its common name), Giant Snails... are you getting the picture, a LOT of these creatures had ‘large’ or ‘giant’ in their names... it was icky.  I didn't take many photos.  Actually I only took one photo and it was outside.  It was of a Golden Orb Weaver spider that had built a web across the road.

This is not the only spider like this that we have around here, there is a Redback spinning a web in a tree at a park near us who is similar in size to this big fella.

Wednesday was a run of the mill day, staying at home, trying to get stuff done, all of my plans being thwarted by one or another of my progeny.

Thursday is usually a day for staying at home in the morning and when daddy knocks of early we all go and get the groceries done.  This week Wolf had other things he needed to do in the afternoon, like attack this...

Since it has rained almost every day since Christmas our yard that was a dust bowl on Christmas day has since turned jungle-like (that grass was about half way up my shins) and needed to be brought under control.  So since we still needed groceries the kids and I bribed Grannysaurus to help us with groceries in the morning so Wolf could get mowing in the afternoon.

Friday was featured in yesterdays post about my Beach Baby!
Saturday our only trip out was to buy Lion's school uniforms but the place we went to only stocked the sports shirts and nothing else so we still need to buy shorts and a formal shirt for him but we are a bit closer to having everything we need to start school.
Today we made it to church.  We get there every week but some weeks feel like more of an achievement than others depending on how chaotic our morning was.  I made cupcakes that did not turn out well at all but still taste yummy so I will have to just eat them all myself.

So there is a snapshot of our week.  It was a big week with lots to keep us busy.  I tried to involve the kids in cooking and preparing the food a bit more than I usually do and I remembered why I don't do it as much as I would like... Every time I told them "okay this is hot so don't touch it" Dragon had to check to see if I was telling the truth... a hot baking tray, the oven door, a hot frypan, a measuring cup of hot water... it all just gets too much for my poor old heart.  Thankfully the tray had cooled just enough to give him a fright and not burn him, the oven had not reached temperature yet, he touched a handle of the frypan and our hot water is set to a temperature that wont burn little ones.  I swear if I told the kid to keep his hands away from a bull-ant nest he'd just as likely dive on in!  He does it with everything... "that glue isn't dry so don't touch that yet" *touch* "your dinner is still hot don't take a bite yet" *bite* "don't touch that" *touch* "Eeewww, that was Monkey boogers I wiped on his bib"... he just doesn't learn.
Tomorrow Dragon starts kindy... I'm sad... he's excited... we'll see how we are feeling when I go to leave him there.  Tonight we went through everything that he already knows goes on at kindy.  I got him to tell me what happens when we get there in the morning, where his lunch goes, where his sheets go, who his teacher will be, what toys he might get to play with, just letting him realise that it's not a big deal, he already knows so much about kindy.  Tomorrow we will have the talk about how he might see some kids crying because they don't want their mummy or daddy to leave them but he can be a friend to those kids and ask them if they want to play with him and help them feel better and show them how fun kindy can be... hopefully then he wont think that it's something he can try on.  Pray for us!


  1. It sounds like you've prepared Dragon well for kindergarten. Knowing what to expect is the biggest thing... and knowing you'll be back in a while to get him! Hannah had a few attachment issues.... She's better now at 14 :-)

    Keep YOUR chin up tomorrow and remember that once they're both in school, you'll still have that one little monkey left at home with you....

    Oh, and those spiders and cockroaches... yuck! We lived in a wooded area, so we have a few visitors of our own to contend with (definitely not quite as big as those you have to deal with!).

  2. After I commented, I began to think (sometimes my mind works that way.... type then think!).... Just saying, I know that Monkey doesn't replace Dragon at home, but at least you'll be busy still with one little birdy still in the nest all day.

  3. Oh, I know what you mean when you say Dragon just doesn't learn--I get so frustrated sometimes with my Lily! But I'll be crying next fall when I send her to Kindergarten!

  4. Wow, some big school things happening this year. Good luck for all - and that emptier than usual nest.

  5. I'm hoping things are going well today or went well already for Dragon today in Kindy! Let us know!

  6. What school is Lion attending? (You can just put initials or something, I'll figure it out :).)

    And what are the 'sheets' Dragon had to take to kindy?

    (Back when I was in kindy, I only remember taking a face cloth, cup, and lunch box!)

  7. PS - on the topic of attachment issues... I had major attachment issues when I was a kid! I cried every day for the first week of Grade 1, and on the first day of every year right up til Grade 4.

  8. @Leah - Dragon takes sheets for nap time, lunch and spare clothes. And they have a toothbrush and toothpaste that they keep at kindy.

  9. What a fun family you all are!!! Thanks for not sharing too many spider pictures.... YUCK.

    Mrs. NB

  10. What a busy week. I read your mums blog about the beach visit - your boys are so cute!
    I don´t think that´s the kind of exhibition I would like, but I can think of at least 3 males in this household that would love it!

  11. I liked your Golden Orb spider picture and the depth of focus (if I've got the term the right way round). Feeling a bit freaked out to think of a redback the same size as the Golden Orb, though.
    The rain has been a wonderful thing for making things green. It does feel unusual to have to mow after such a long time.
    And writing this after Dragon has started Kindy, I know that all went well. Prayers that it will keep on going well.


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