Wednesday, 3 March 2010

To do

Come up with hens night invite wording that doesn't make it sound like Em is already regretting getting married. (all the suggested wording I found online said things like "one last party" "one last chance to celebrate"... what the? We are headed for the biggest and best celebration when we party at her wedding!  It's not like she'll never have another night out with the girls.)

Make invites with Lan tonight after kids are in bed.

Buy nappies.

Buy printer ink so we can print invite inserts.

Kiss my son when he tells me "you're pretty mummy but...."

Eat some chocolate.

Remember to pick up Lion from school.

Clean dining room table ready for tonights crafting session... and dinner too, I guess.

Clean kitchen so I don't cry a little bit on the inside every time I look at it.

Eat more chocolate.

Try not to have too many more "think out loud moments" like at bible study this morning when I randomly added to the conversation with "I wish you'd just do a poo and go to sleep".  It was aimed at my Monkey who is feeling a bit uncomfortable getting his bowels used to solids.

Spend quality time with kids so they don't feel shoved aside.

Get Dragon to make some birthday cards for a couple of kids parties we have coming up - it'll keep him occupied and away from the TV!

Buy yummy fresh fish so I can make "fish in a bag" and "bean and tomato thing" for dinner and use some of the yummy lemons I bought today for 50c a bag!

Come to grips with the fact that I need to find something else for the kids for dinner because they will not even look at bean and tomato thing and will most likely chew up and spit out the fish and I don't see the point in wasting some of my favourite meal on them.

Eat some chocolate.

Book accommodation for the wedding.  It's on Magnetic Island, it's just off the coast and only 30 minutes by ferry but because I'm in the wedding party it's going to be much more relaxed and keep the kids happier if we base ourselves there for Friday, Saturday, Sunday rather than race over early Saturday and catch the last ferry home in the evening... and this way we'll take our own car for Wolf to have a bit more freedom with the kids while I'm busy.

Cuddle with my kids.

Try to make sure I'm not a crazed, freaked out woman when Wolf gets home.  He deserves a calm wife and house and I try to but I find that time of day VERY stressful.

Make sure everything is done in time to pack Wolf off to his bible study.

Get at least one load of washing through the machine.

Just get over it that today will be "one of those days" and enjoy the ride.

Eat some more chocolate.

Get off this blog and get my backside moving.

feeding himself... VERY MESSY.


  1. I have spent many times telling my toddler "Just poop!!" She has been having a little issue with pooping, and it's driving me and her father crazy!

    Note to self...need to add "cuddle with kids" to my to-do list!

  2. I needed a breath of fresh Mummy McTavish this AM.

    Thanks for the smile and the chocolate reminder.

  3. Honey, maybe you should of started with CHOCOLATE!!!!! I shamelessly ate a 2/3 cup of chocolate chips before going to bed last night.

    Curious about " fish in a bag." I like fish. Tell me more, please.

    Remember you are simply wonderful.



  4. Oh yes, chocolate always helps for everything. And enjoy the party and the wedding.


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