Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Month of Sundayssssssnapshots.

Wow, it's been a month since the last Sunday Snapshot.  Since I did a catch up post earlier this week I wont fill you in on the last month, I'll just jump right in here at this Sunday Snapshot.  Just a warning though, I am not a microblogger, you may have noticed.  This post is one of my lengthier ones...

Last Sunday we took the kids for a ride down by the river and a play in the playground there.   It was a drizzly afternoon so it was nice and cool and it also had kept a lot of people away so it was fairly quiet.

My little ducklings all in a row.  They had a great time on their bikes, I am starting to think that it's probably time to move them all up one... except we don't have anywhere to move Lion up to... so it'll just have to wait until I figure that one out.

This section of the boardwalk gives a wonderful view of the river, the boys didn't mind stopping for a minute to watch the ski boats dragging the skiers around the river.

This is taken at the bottom of the boardwalk close to where the first photo was taken.  The river is FILLED with turtles and ducks hang around and fish pip at the surface and the water lilies float gently on the ripples... it's a lovely river.  (Nope, not even going to mention the crocodiles today)

With the playground in sight the boys took off...

They love this tree house.  The whole park has been designed for wheelchair access so I can get the pram right in there so Monkey can get in and play with them.  We played and ate afternoon tea and went home worn out.


The humor in our house never stops...

"My butt hurts..."


Lion's school had their ANZAC day parade on Friday.  I took Dragon and Monkey along.  Each class had made a wreath to lay at the ceremony, Lion's class is the "A" wreath, A for ANZAC.

Each year the local QCWA branch gives a gift of books to one local school.  This year they gave them to Lion's school, a very exciting addition to their new library.

Monkey has a new skill.  Well, the skill isn't so new, he has been able to wave for a while.  The new bit is that if you don't wave back within what His Royal Highness deems an acceptable amount of time... he will yell at you.  Proceedings were going along nicely, Monkey started waving at the back of one of the army men who was also attending.  Since it was his back that was being waved to, the army man didn't wave back... make sense?  Anyway, I tried waving back to him myself, I tried to get him to settle down but it wasn't working... don't forget this was a solemn parade, with a minute silence fast approaching... you guessed it.  Monkey got Jack of not being waved back to RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SILENCE.  My boy was screaming at someone in the middle of the minute silence... an army man, no less.  Classy.  I'm pretty sure that all of the few hundred primary school students that were there were managing to be silent... imagine that for a moment... all those kids who NEVER stop talking, fidgeting, making noises simply for the sake of making noises were SILENT.  MONUMENTOUS OCCASION.  Monkey, well, Monkey was an upset baby who just wanted the army man to wave back at him.


On Friday we went to the park by the river again with some friends.  They did attend our church until recently and their second oldest was good friends with Lion.  Lion has really missed him for the few weeks since they changed churches so us mums decided a play was in order.  So, T and her 4 boys rode to the park and we ducked over there after school with my 3 boys and we had a wild time all afternoon.  I wanted to get a photo of all of the boys together but putting 7 boys ranging in age from 7 to 0 in one photo and try to get them all looking at the camera is not going to go well.  So, I didn't ask them to look at the camera...

I asked them to pull silly faces.  So, left to right, Dragon (3), his buddy S (3), Lion (5), his buddy B (5), J (7), E (1) and Monkey (7.5mos).

Thank you for coming to play with us you crazy boys!!!

Questions Answered:

From the Catching up on the Cuteness post.

For Ginny Marie-

Here's a nice dodgy photo of Dragon with something daddy caught for him.  No, it's not the big frog from the BBQ, it's a smaller frog from the BBQ.  We clear the frogs out when it's time to use the barbie, they don't much like it but I'm sure if they realised what the other option was they would be thankful.

Boy Mom- I make my own baby food, I even made the rice cereal this time!  I have made my own for each boy because I lick my fingers when I'm feeding them and I like what I lick off to be edible.  I haven't liked what I've tried of the tinned stuff.

From the Easter Excitement post.

Boy Mom- at Kindy shoes are optional.  It's great, freedom to kick off our shoes all year round, sandals all year if we want... What's that?  You haven't been able to wear sandals for months?  Spring has been fickle and  you still don't know if you will be wearing boots or sandals when you wake up each day? oh, that is sad.

Leah- Yes, my boys are the ones that play air guitar during the kids song at church.  They are VERY comfortable being themselves at church... a little too comfortable if we recall that little moment a few weeks ago where Dragon shared all about Daddy burping at the dinner table.

From the Bin there Done that post.

Suz- YES we are getting so much more sleep.  I keep thinking I should do a post about it so I can remember just what I can survive when I next think I am up against an impossible situation.  Thanks for praying for us.  I hope you are getting more sleep too.


  1. oh I adore the pic of teh boys on their bikes so cute! hope you're well honey I don't get much of a chance to comment but I do always read your blog xxxx

  2. Hi - it's wonderful catching up on your gorgous family - sorry it's been so long - I've had a crazy month to say the least.
    Love your new blog look - must be the season for it - mine's almost up & organised!
    Also that pic of the 7 boys cracked me up - too funny!
    Hope you're all keeping well & enjoying your long weekend
    Have fun
    Renata :)

  3. I love the pictures of your darling boys and their friends. Boys take the best spontaneous showing it like it really is pictures. I've got to get family pictures in the next three weeks, yikes!

    Wow, way to go on the baby food thing. I'm a big fan of homemade, some I did more than others. Sweet potatoes and squash were some of our favorites.

    Just when the weather has cooperated for several days and I was anticipating a pedicure, I dropped a can of sauce on my foot bruising and cutting open two toes. So it's welcome to snow this week.

  4. Well, darn that army man for not paying attention to our Monkey! I don't blame Monkey for being annoyed! :-) Solemn parade? excuse! That's how I feel about that!

  5. Alright, I'm going to 'fess up... I only had time to enjoy the pictures. I know, I know... why read the blog if I'm not going to read it??? But, mercy on me and my longing to catch up with a billion blogs before the buzzer goes off and I have to face work again....

  6. I don't even know where to begin...I LOVE all the pictures and reading about what you and the family have been up to...which seems like a whole lot...I get tired just reading about it!

    That picture of all the boys & their friends making silly faces is priceless! I also think the one with all your "ducks" in a row is adorable. I'm shocked at how quickly Monkey is growing up! You & your husband make the cutest kids!!

  7. I so want to come on over to your park!

    When I get rich, I am coming. I'll bring Boy Mom and all her boys with me. ( feel free to pray for me to get rich) It looks simply lovely.

    All the boys are darling!

  8. The picture of all those boys is stunning!

  9. You guys live in such a beautiful area! With the exception of those dreaded crocs! YUCK!

    I love that picture of the chocolate bunnies!!

    Mrs. NB


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