Friday, 13 August 2010

A Certain Chance of Crazy.

Lion and Dragon were playing a monster truck game this afternoon and Lion's truck had to warn Dragon's truck: "No definitely we might die"... Hmm, sounds like there is absolutely possible danger there... ???

"what you are doing does not please me. You must stop it or I shall be forced to pull this fearsome face... What? This is not a cute face, this face strikes terror into the hearts of men... oh, okay, I guess I just can't help being cute."

Monkey has been having some lovely independent bursts lately.  crawling off exploring by himself, sneakily getting into things he knows he shouldn't, playing with something and marvelling at it with loud "oooooooh" and "wow, wow, WOOOOW, wow" sounds... that sort of thing.  Usually when he's off exploring he has something comforting with him. a scrap of cloth hankie, a toy car, a spring onion, something to keep him company on his travels and he looks like a dog with a gimpy leg roaming the house on all fours going down on one elbow or wrist each time because he's holding on to something with that hand.  Today he was playing and got into the boys washing basket (clean stuff) and all he could manage to grab out was a pair of Lion's undies.  He promptly sat down on the floor, held them to his cheek as he played with his ear and sucked his finger (his cute "comfort pose").  He then carried them with him everywhere he went for about an hour, at one point putting them where he has decided all things that need to be kept safe should go... down the front of my shirt.  Seriously, this kid gets something special and if he's sitting on my lap and thinks his brothers will try to get what he has then he shoves it down into my bra.  Toy cars, sultanas, sandwiches, stuffed animals and now a pair of his brothers undies.

Yes, you did read correctly up there "spring onion" was exactly what I meant to write.  While I was cooking dinner Monkey was doing his usual whinge, cling to mummy's leg so she can't move, whinge, try to get head stuck in fridge while mummy opens it, whinge, cling to leg, whinge, try to dive into the cupboard, whinge... routine and I was getting a bit frustrated.  I had tried to distract him with a few toys that were hanging around (you're never more than two paces from a toy, it seems) but he didn't want any of the toys.  I dragged him, attached to my leg, to the fridge, grabbed what I needed, removed his fingers and head from where they would get stuck in the fridge, dragged him back to the bench where I was working, still attached to my leg.  I chopped up the spring onion and contemplated either throwing the mangled green tops that I didn't need, the length of the kitchen to the bin, dragging the baby the length of the kitchen and back or just leaving the tops to sit on the bench... then I was hit by a rare moment of genius... Maybe this weird child would be distracted by these manky mangled spring onion tops...  He was!  He had a ball playing with them for a good 20 minutes at a time when NOTHING was making him happy.  Strange little man.


  1. Enjoyed this post. Too too funny.

  2. Adorable Hubby can't watch the weather because of all the definitely probabilities of perhaps, for sure, really bad or possibly not so bad. But, absolutely, maybe weatherman talk.

    That cute little Monkey. I adore their discontented faces.

  3. Genial brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

  4. Too cute! The picture is so adorable. Well, having a baby stuck to your leg might just help you with the daily strength training we all should make time to do! Just ask him to switch legs every now and again. LOL.

  5. Oh and growing up so fast. My, moving and just the other day he was born. Time flies!

  6. I hope you never forgot something was hidden there.... it could get kind of messy I guess with sandwiches being stuffed in! He is so cute.... And growing so much.

  7. Monkey looks so much like his big brothers. It's cute that he hass a quirky personality to match!


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