Tuesday, 17 August 2010


It's a girl!

My little brother and his lovely wife (Romeo and Juliet) had a little baby girl on Sunday, their first child.  We are soooo excited!  She hasn't got a name yet.  Well, she has a REAL name but not a blog name.  I have been trying to think of a name for her but not knowing if she was going to be a he or a she I just couldn't think of anything.  Now I'm thinking ladybug... bug for short... she is TINY!  But it's not up to me... her mummy blogs as well so she'll need to pick something... but my vote is for ladybug... for now.  Just look at her girliness... she's grandaughter #2 for my parents (along with their 4 grandsons) and grandaughter #4 for Juliet's parents (they are yet to find out how crazy grandsons are)

I just couldn't get over how tiny she was.  6lb 3oz (2.82kg), 48cm long... TINY.

I got to have a cuddle yesterday... she started sooking so someone had to help her.  She let out a tiny ladylike pop of gas and snuggled down to sleep again.  Even her gas is cute.

Please excuse the poor photography.  I was just using my little snappy camera which has something against producing photos that are in focus but there will be plenty of photos to come, I am positive!  I get to do a newborn photo shoot of this little bundle and her cousin (Juliet's sister's daughter) who is only a matter of weeks older.  I can't wait!  Then we'll be putting together a keepsake book for the two little sweeties with photos from the pregnancy shoot I did with their mummies... I am really looking forward to seeing the end result of this photography project!  But for now I'm just going to enjoy all the pinkness and then go and play with some Tonka trucks before I get any crazy ideas...


  1. Sorry! No time to leave a comment. All that pinkness, and the bow.. and the hair...ack! The voices in my head are going to start screaming loud enough for my uterus to hear. Gotta go quiet them with chocolate and some sand box time.

  2. Oh, she is simply gorgeous. Where did all that dark hair come from? I can't believe she was born only 2 weeks early but managed to be 200g smaller than L who is a twin and born 4 weeks early and the same birth length as my tiny Miss E.

  3. What a doll!! I can smell that wonderful baby smell all the way over here!! Congrats to you all!!

    Mrs. NB

  4. She is soooooo cute! Love it! (And holy crud...did you lose a lot of weight or what? You look great! Not that you didn't before, but the last photo I saw of you was probably when you were preggars. I'll just shut up..Yeah.OK.)


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