Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lion's Birthday

On October 26th, our sweet Lion turned Six.

The day started bright and early... and then had to just wait until Daddy woke up.

EVENTUALLY... Daddy woke up and we could get on with the present giving...

Attacked by kisses with each present, he didn't seem to mind.

This was a long awaited, long dreamed about, often talked about Lego model.  You can't tell how excited he was, can you?

As you do, Lion took cake to school for his birthday.  I tried my best to make something he had seen and fallen in love with.  I didn't tell him I what I was trying to do, just in case it didn't work.  Thankfully it kind of came together and Lion took cake pops to school for his class mates.

Cake pops shaped like Lego minifig heads.  Unfortunately I couldn't get hold of a proper pen for drawing on their faces and although the textas I had were non-toxic, with all the allergies and stuff around I thought it was best I didn't use them.

For their birthday they can ask for anything for dinner, Lion asked for pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.  After cake with his class that day and a birthday party to come the next day we compromised so that we could still have a 'cake' for dinner...

The next day he had a few friends over for a party (he only wanted 4 friends, I could not have been happier!) and we did cake all over again!

This one was a crystal mine with a rockmonster protecting it... we love Lego Powerminers here.

He was a bit disappointed that his party was 'just' in our backyard when all the parties he's been invited to for his mates have been at McDonalds or at an indoor play place or something but in the end he was happy to have it at home, I think he just thought that once you are at school, that is what you do because none of the others had partied at home.  He had a great time and all his friends enjoyed themselves and ate and ate and ate.  I had three very tired boys to put to bed that night.

Happy Birthday Lion!


  1. Love the pancake-cake :D

    You've got to stop this though Mummy McT cause everytime he has a birthday, I can only hide it from T-Rex for a few months and then BOOM, HE has a birthday too :(

    If it's any consolation though, Lion is definitely growing into a respectable young man (yes yes, "man" is years and years and years away) that I would love influencing my boys. I know you're already proud, but I'm going to say it again - YOU SHOULD BE SOOOOOO PROUD!


  2. Hiya' I haven't been around in a while but logged on for a bit and saw that it was Lion's birthday. So... belated Happy Birthday to him from America!

    What great cakes he had.... I must say I've never seen pancakes stacked so high. I know he felt loved that day (as he does everyday, I'm sure!).

  3. Happy birthday Lion!
    It looks like he had a wonderful time. I'm sure he'll enjoy his Lego.
    Great job with the cake pops. I keep admiring them (I've bought the book through the book depository for a friend)but haven't been brave enough to try. So good on you.

  4. Happy Birthday to Lion! What a fun time you all had! I love the lego head cake pops - I have no idea how you could possibly be so amazingly creative & make them, but they look great & I can imagine that they were a big hit with all the kids!
    Hope you guys are going well - have a nice week

  5. I love that Lego cake pops idea. Very cute. Thanks also for entering my giveaway. Your response was hilariously clever. xx Anita

  6. The cake pops turned out great! Wow! He's growing up so fast. 6 is a great year. Happy Birthday Lion!

  7. That is so cute! Happy birthday, Lion!

    Jonathan is a huge fan of the Lego stuff too! Getting even more and more into it lately! I love the cakes!


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