Monday, 15 November 2010

Odds and Ends

Driving to school last week and a little Dragon voice pipes up from the very back of the car...
"Mummy, Mr Maker has boobies like yours".
"What was that, sweetie"
"I said Mr Maker has boobies like yours"
"uh, okay, are you sure?"
"Yeah, he does"
"No, Mr Maker is a mans and he can't have boobies like Mummy because Mummy is a girl"
"No, Mr Maker has boobies like Mummy"
and for Dragon, that was it.  That signalled the end of the conversation and neither Lion, nor I could say anything to change his mind.  I don't know where the idea came from and it hasn't come back up.  Random.

We had rainbow day at playgroup last Tuesday, I was on morning tea for the grown ups so I made a cake.

This was the outside...

This was the inside...

Yes, it was for the grown ups!

In other exciting events Lion tied one end of a 5 metre rope around his waist with a single knot.  He ties the other end to the rail of the cubby house approximately 2 metres off the ground "with a very tight knot" and informs Wolf that he's going to jump over the edge and it's okay because the rope will stop him before he gets hurt.  Thank goodness he decided to tell Wolf what he was about to do or that would have been a very painful lesson in length and double checking calculations.

For Remembrance Day last week I did some poppy craft with Dragon, he had loads of fun and even thought himself to give his craft to one of his friends whose daddy is overseas with the Air Force.

Things have been interesting around here lately.  Saturday must have been in the running for some kind of awards. After the first few incidents that I can't remember now I figured why not give my friends on facebook a live feed of the crazy...

*Do not give your 3 kids babycinos and then hide from them for some peace and quiet.
There will be mess.
It will be on the carpet.
You will be sorry.

*I just found Monkey standing on the kids table singing and shaking his toosh dancing... lets hope this isn't a future career path for him.

*I let Monkey play with daddy's hair brush while I changed his nappy and... Well... I'm gonna need to wash it now. Should I tell Wolf?

*I Went to put Monkey in bed and found he'd trashed his room at some point... I made him clean it up but he had so much fun cleaning it he promptly up-ended the basket of his clothes so he could clean that up too.

This was another gem, I had helped the big boys build a pillow fort to try and keep them a little bit quiet while Monkey had a nap, Lion and Dragon were both talking a mile a minute, speaking as one person."...and mum, y'know what mum, if anyone tries to get into our fort the crocodile will eat them, or the snake will bite them, or the lion will eat their foot, or the dragon will breathe fire on them, or the possum will hiss at them, or the rock wallaby will... um... throw rocks at them"
Monkey loves apples, so far I've only given him a whole apple.  I love my apple slinky machine so when I was making apple slinkies for his brothers I figured I'd run one through for Monkey too...  I don't think he quite knew what to do with it so he did what any self respecting 1 year old would do... he broke it into a zillion little pieces and threw them around.

I think he may have eaten a few small pieces.
Monkey also loves his highchair, if he's in his highchair, it means I'll be giving him food.  So he got his hook on highchair pretty grotty so I put it by the back door so I could take it outside and hose it and the next morning while we were getting ready I found that it was suddenly filled with a baby again.

Today I read on Twitter that someone (I wont name her just in case she doesn't want it shared further than she already has *update* Ali is happy to be linked and she's heaps of fun so go here to meet her) was going to book herself a colon hydrotherapy appointment.  Now, I was a little sleep deprived so I didn't connect the dots of colon meaning, well, your colon and hydrotherapy meaning LOTS of water.  So I googled what colon hydrotherapy involved... then I lapsed even further and I clicked a YouTube link... yeah. I did.  I quickly figured out that this was not something I was going to be putting my hand up for any time soon but figured that surely the clip will just go though what happens without actually showing it.  Nope, not only do they show you what is being cleansed from the colon but these people show their faces.  What possesses them to record this stuff in the first place but more than that, what possesses them to cut to a shot of their face, immediately to a shot of what was formerly residing in their bowel.  I was rather shocked by the clips we found on YouTube of people using neti pots and filming the former contents of their sinus cavities but this was just plain crazy.  The similarities were not lost on me though... Colonic Irrigation, it's like a Neti Pot for your, well, you know.

Now, to get those mental images out of your head...

Here's a cute kid.


  1. Thanks for the update - sure put a smile on my face. All that crazyness. And that cake was fantastic.

  2. Oh your kids are cute. I love hearing all their crazy stories. Cousin Wilbie is starting to come up with his own crazy stories now just like his older cousins.

    Glad to hear you got an apple slinky machine. Anything that makes healthy stuff fun is popular in my book.

  3. Wow cute kids you have there!!
    I have a apple slinky machine and the kids love it!!
    And that cake looks fab! I've always wanted to make a rainbow one but haven't tried..

    As for the colon hydrotherapy!! I'm sorry you had to google it to see what it was, its not for everyone.. ;)
    I was like that before I tried it.
    Ali @Mummahh

  4. What an eventful week you had. Your boys are just adorable. I always wondered what it would be like to grow up in a house with boys. Our homes have always been mostly females. Now I have a glimpse. Thanks!

  5. What a wild life. I love how you play with your kids. You are awesome. "Monkey" is appropriately named. He is every where.

    Thanks for sharing



  6. OH my - that does sound discusting ( the colon hydrotherapy). Seriously - why would you do it for fun - we used to have to give enema's to patients & it certainly did not look like fun.

    Your kids are so funny - they always make me laugh. I love the way your journal the things they say - what fun things to remember when they are all grown up!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend - sorry I missed your giveaway - been super busy here!
    Have fun


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