Monday, 13 December 2010

Dragon's Birthday

Dragon's birthday came fast on the heels of Lion's... Same as it does every year... it's just taken me a while to get to blog it. 

October 30th was Dragon's 4th birthday.  We started the day with presents and kisses!

Big brother kisses are very special... even if he does make it go on forever so that you can't unwrap your gift.

 He's not quite sure why Grandpap and Nano are sending him an eyeball... we had to explain that it was a science kit for him to do some 'sperimentin' with and I promise, his expression changed to a little more excited and a little less confused.

He received a Duplo Caravan Family set from mummy and daddy... this is the one I won waaaaay back on Childhood 101.  He loved it, I had done some careful implanting of ideas in his sweet little head when we were browsing the Lego aisles at the shops but he has enjoyed taking the family camping and combining it with the Duplo Camping Family set that Aunty Chimera got him he has had a blast... Though he did put aside the dad from the camping set... that way between the two sets there was a dad, mum and three boys... sound familiar?

We went small scale on the 'cake' after dinner that night because he was getting a real cake for his party (family get together) the next day.  We had some left over "rocks" from Lion's birthday cake so we piled one each on a plate and melted some candles to the plate and he thought it was the funniest cake but absolutely loved it!  The poor boy had to compete with two brothers and a father all trying to blow out the candles for him... but I think he got them all himself in the end.

The next day we gathered the family to celebrate the two boys birthdays... but we called it "Dragon's party" for the sake of peace.  Dragon had been trying to decide what sort of cake he wanted for days... it was a really big deal for him and none of my suggestions were working.  We were browsing in Target and he came across a silicone cupcake form for a butterfly where you can put all the funny shaped cupcakes together and they make a butterfly.  That was what he wanted, since I had been waiting for something definite to be decided I grabbed the form and we headed off... until two rows later the same sort of thing was hanging up only it was a car shape... well, the butterfly went back and a car was purchased.  They also do a dinosaur one but try as we might we cannot find it anywhere.  This was quite possibly the worst cake I have ever had to do.  I did try to convince him that I could do a better car without the form and we can use his favourite mint pattie biscuits for the wheels... nope, it was this and only this cake.

It didn't matter how close together you put the pieces the icing still ran down between them and left gaps, and they kept moving apart as I tried to ice them... but he thought it was wonderful it was his favourite colour and it was the car he had chosen.  I am so glad that even when he can be so picky about something he is still really easy to please in the end.  Just please, whatever you do, don't judge my cake decorating skills on this cake alone :-)  or my mad photoshop skills... you could never tell that I got rid of his real name and wrote in "Dragon" on the computer... could you?
Now, like all 4 year old boys who get a sword wielding ninja for their birthday... he used the sword to cut the cake.

I hope he never tries that trick with a real ninja sword!  The cake was my usual chocolate cake recipe but using gluten free flour.  So it was egg free, milk free, butter free, gluten free... it was barely a cake at all... but it still tasted really good!

Then to round out the excitement, on Monday he had kindy and wanted a cake to share with his friends like Lion took the cake pops for his friends.  I didn't have it in me to make another batch of cake pops so I just made a regular cake.  That particular day they were going on an excursion to the aquarium so I went a bit wild and made a Blue Linckia cake.  He loved it.

Again with the mad photoshopping skills :-)  And that is the best photo I got of this cake, I'll have to check if Kindy got any of him with it.

I think he quite enjoyed his extended birthday.  It seemed to go on for days and days, just rubbing in the fact that my sweet little Dragon was turning four.  But really, I was ready for three to be over, there has been a few struggles between us for three and four is so much more grown up... at least that's what we're working on.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Dragon boy.  xoxoxo.


  1. Glad Dragon had a lovely 4th birthday. I've seen the dinosaur pull apart cake moulds, but I havne't seen the car or butterfly. I think the car looked fine.

    I don't remember reading about Lion's birthday or the birthday pops, so I've obviously missed a bit.

  2. All 3 cakes look great! Your boys are so lucky to have such a talented Mummy :D

    Good luck with 4. No doubt I'll be running to you again and again for advice ;) I just love how your kids are 6 months ahead of mine which gives you 6 months to learn and master everything and then impart your wisdom onto me.

  3. Happy birthday Dragon!
    Four is definitely better than three.
    BB can be a bit fussy about cakes too.
    Love all your cakes and think you are a photoshop star.

  4. Happy Birthday Dragon! My girls turned four in April. They are growing up so fast! Too fast!


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