Thursday, 30 May 2013

Collected Twits

Lion was after a Jedi name, so I  was looking through my Twitter as I had won a prize for one I made up.  While doing this I revisited a lot of old tweets about my son's exploits over the years and wanted to collect them in one place.  With twitters 144 word limit communicating an idea becomes a discipline, one which I have not mastered to well.   Here they are in historical order, with some explanatory notes.

One of my first tweets appeared on 5 Dec 09, which was:
I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind
Apparently this was too cryptic so I followed up with:
Exploding bums and projectile vomit. When raising 3 little boys there's never a dull moment. Thankfully the wife cleaned up most of it.

Lego for Christmas, 28 Dec 2009
"Some men will build, others will delight to destroy those things" must be my sons motto as soon as i finished his lego model he 'exploded' it

The Airplane family, 27 Jan 2010, Lion 5 years old
My son (Lion) has told me that we are an airplane family today. 
Which meant we had to talk in airplane.  "Tchk, I love you Daddy, roger, over Tchk".  "Brummm"

Bong goes my day, 28 Jan 2010, Dragon 3 years old
Met family for lunch, asked son what he did today his response... Bong!

Happy Valentines day, 14 Feb 2010, Lion (5), Dragon (3)
Never thought I'd be telling my boys "Don't pull apart the furniture" A new era dawns for me.
I came home to these two trying to remove the fabric off the arm of our couch with plastic tools.

Dragon Swimmer, 27 Mar 2010, Dragon (3)
My son (Dragon) is swimming and giving me some classic lines: the water is up to my monkey! Dragon swimmer super hero to the rescue!
He was wearing a monkey t-shirt at the time, and was so proud that he was in deep enough that the monkey was getting wet.

Hammer time, 25 Apr  2010, Dragon (3), Monkey (6 months)
I just told my son not to hit his baby brother with anything.  His reply But Dad it's only a hammer.
A inflatable hammer, but still...

Punching the air, 2 May 2010, Lion (5)
Classic line by my oldest son (Lion) tonight:  If I have a nightmare tonight I will punch it...
Lion no longer talks this way, it is normally Dragon who has decided that punching is the answer to every problem.

Swedish Chicken, 13 May 2010, Dragon (3)

My 3 yo son is flapping his arms saying Bok bok bjork...  He says he's the Swedish chief. Sounds more like a swedish chicken to me.
He was in the middle of a Muppet marathon that day. We have the DVD of the first season, and the boys love it.

Strange Motivations, 16 Jun  2010, Lion (5)

I find it surreal that the threat of 'not going to school' is the biggest motivator for my oldest son
Even now, he is motivated with if you don't XYZ, you may not be going to school.  With me I would have thought 'Yay, XYZ are not going to happen then.'  With Lion, XYZ are done in a flash. 

Can you speak Mon Calamari too? 3 Sep  2010, Lion (5)

having an interesting week, as oldest son has decided to talk in 'octopus'. I'm not fluent in octopus so blub blub blurble dont make sense
Even his school teacher had to take Mummy to one side and say 'Now normally we like to encourage creativity, but speaking Octopus the whole day is very distracting to rest of the class."

Christmas on Mars. 11 Sep 2010, Lion (5), Dragon (3)
explaining how far away Mars is to my sons told them if we left now we would be there for Christmas.

Now my sons are convinced we are spending Christmas on Mars
Two tweets in one day.  It was very dissapointing for them to realise that we would not be going to Mars anytime soon.  Some nights, they still gaze up at the stars (normally Venus) and say "I wish we could have gone to Mars."

True Story. 29 Sep 2010, Lion (5), Dragon (3)
sons are cranky with me because they believe I am withholding critical information in regards to their time machine.  "Dad it has to work!"
Too much Calvin and Hobbs and Star Trek I think.  They had a cardboard box and an old radio I let them pull apart and were getting frustrated that I kept feigning ignorance on the inner workings of a time machine.  How do I tell them that robots from the future would come back in time and try to kill us if I allowed them to create one?  Because I know one of them is going to create a killer robot soon, no point in giving it a time machine as well.

More to come....

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  1. I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I must say your boys are adorable. You must be incredibly proud of them (: And these tweets you posted are just precious!


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