Sunday, 16 June 2013

Two Lego Reviews - Boys VLOG

Lion decided he wanted to do a Lego review on his new Lego set.  I filmed it on my iPad, and once it was done Dragon decided he wanted to do one as well.  I filmed one on the iPad but didn't upload it.  About a week later Dragon wanted to try again, so this time we tried setting things up a little better and used a proper video camera.  He was pleased with the results.

-Enjoy, Wolf McT.

Video 1: Lions Lego Review - Chima Raven Set.

Video 2: Lego Frog Rush Game Review.


  1. These are brilliant! I bet they had fun doing the reviews. The editing and music, etc., make them very professional.

    1. They had a great time and were very specific about how it should go :-) Wolf enjoyed the challenge of learning a new bit of software to edit the videos but found it hard to keep to the clients' unreasonable briefs.


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