Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What goes on in my Monkey's head???

Driving home from playgroup today and I nearly had to pull over the car to console a panic stricken 3 year old (he's nearly 4, HELP!!!). He has a tiny pin prick sized sore on his foot and was sure that "Animals that eat meat will want to come and eat my leg because they will see my sore and think that it's meat!" He was particularly worried about the "zebras that are the really tall ones. Not the zebras with the stripes, the other ones (giraffes). Because they can reach their neck outside the cage and open it!" I was able to convince him that no giraffe was going to come and hunt him down and eat his leg.

So what's your greatest fear? I hope it's not escaped flesh eating zebra-giraffes!

1 comment:

  1. Luv it. I never knew zebra- giraffes were so scary. I rather not share my fears. Oops I just did.


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