Thursday, 30 October 2008


Why oh why do I get myself into these messes...

Disclaimer (this is directed at you POSSUM)
We do not have dessert for dinner very often. Actually I cant remember the last time we had dessert for dinner. My children are force fed vegetables and other healthy type foods 364 300 and somethin' days a year.

There are rules attached to dessert for dinner.

1. Dessert for dinner is only for days when mummy picks it.
2. Kids may not be the one to choose dessert for dinner.
3. Mummy can veto any former decision to have dessert for dinner based on childrens behaviour or just that she could no longer be bothered.
4. Mummy is the boss of dessert for dinner. she picks what we eat, she picks when we eat it, she is in charge.

So to anyone out there who may feel that they have been deprived by not having dessert for dinner *glares at Possum* you'll just have to wait. It's all up to your Mum-me. Although I think the occasional pancakes for dinner is a pretty good deal and keep in mind, my boys wouldnt be getting cinnamon scrolls for breakfast. It's cereal or fruit all the way for them, poor deprived little darlings.

Now get off the computer and do your homework Possum.

(Am I back in your good books Mum-me??)

PS. Thanks Octamom for your lovely comments on my spectacularly gorgeous children (okay, perhaps that's not quite how you said it but I know it's what you meant:) if you havent seen the original post for where the header photos came from you can find it *here*

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  1. LOL - I don't think I've ever had dessert for dinner either!! - guess I grew up deprived. But now I know the rules, I can choose - hmmm we may just have to start that tradition!


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