Monday, 26 January 2009

Shopping with Daddy

After being concerned about my youngest son's attraction to a fluffy pink piggy handbag, in this post and this one, I convinced myself that it was just an attraction to that one item... no it looks like it is an appeal to a particular colour, Pink.

I took him shopping the other day and we where in the boys section looking at some boys shirts, with things boys would like on them... 'How about this one with spiders on it Dragon?'. 'noooo, scared. spiders' (whimper) 'What about this one it has a Dragon on it?' 'Um... No.' 'This one, it has a robot on it!' 'NO!' 'Look at this one, it has a crocodile..' 'No!' 'A Shark?' 'No!' 'A Skateboard one?' 'Yea..... NO!' 'How about... Dragon? Dragon! where are you?'

'Want. This. One!' 'Where did you get that from, this is the boys section?!' 'Round. 'Ere' Sure enough just behind where we were standing is a 'End Display' with pink and blue umbrellas and raincoats. In my frustration I tell him I am not buying him a pink umbrella. This stops him for a while, until I turn around and he is holding the pink umbrella out again saying 'We. Buy. Lion?' Interesting logic, Daddy is not going to buy it for him so maybe he will buy it for the eldest son.

I finally convinced him to put it back by telling him I will take a photo of it and we will show it to Mummy and maybe ... cough cough NEVER cough, she might buy it later. He ended up choosing a shirt with owls all over it, because he thought they looked like Lion's imaginary friend 'Huddy'.

Above: Dragon in his new 'Huddy' shirt.
Madagascar #2 quote in the picture above is:
If I had only two days to live, I would invade a neighboring country, and force my own ideology on them, whether they wanted it or not.

After that Dragon behaved himself and allowed me to look through the book store and kitchenware store, only because I told him he could choose a donut for morning tea if he let me look at what I wanted to. And guess what he choose? The donut store with pink livery and a pink donut, I was able to convince him he wanted a dinosaur shaped donut and not the girl shaped pink donut. At least you'll notice he insisted on wearing his Sunnie Glasses again.

I guess I shouldn't worry too much about his affinity to the colour pink, I do have a pink shirt and tie which I bought to wear when I proposed to his mother. It was sold to me by a very vivacious but effeminate salesman who told me that pink is a very Manly colour in Italy, so manly in fact that women are not allowed to wear it... Ummm I wonder, I might have to google that one.


  1. So. . . . does Dragon have any Italian genes? On my side he might have some very diluted Spanish genes. Do manly spaniards wear pink too? That is the closest we get to Italy here.

  2. How could you have resisted that cute little face when he was holding up the umbrella?

  3. Maybe he likes things that are strawberry flavoured and associates all things pink with a yummy flavour . . . it's a theory, not a good one, but a theory none the less :)

  4. I would have caved and bought him the umbrella... how can you resist that face?!?!
    Probably the same way I can resist the "pitiful face" that my girls try to pull. They've got everyone else fooled, but I'm onto them. :)

  5. Fear not! Row liked pink at age 5 and wanted me to buy him a Dora the explorer very pink paint shirt for school. I said I'm not so sure about this. And he said he was going to teach everyone (mean boys) how to like pink. We got a high 5 shirt instead, not much better. At the end of last year he asked could he please not have it any more, he didn't like what some people were saying. I think his re-education policy was forgotten. Enjoy it while it lasts. His face is terribly cute!

  6. My brother, when he was roughly Dragon's age, maybe a little older, desparately wanted a pair of pink socks. It made sense, because he had three older sisters. Doesn't really explain Dragon's case, though, does it?

  7. So, my son has been obsessed with Pink lately too. He is about Dragon's age and he wants to wear the girl's pink boots at the sitters and seems to really like pink items. This has his dad all freaked out, but I think it is just a phase and that pink is just a bright color. Interesting, though, isn't it?

    Hubby also freaked that his son wanted to hold a doll, but calmed down when a friend told us that it would help him become a better father because he would know how to care for a baby.

  8. My boys (5 and 3) have a tug of war over my daughter's pink stroller, baby dolls and pink bottles. It wigs my husband out too but I keep telling him they're just practicing to be Daddy's when they get older. It makes me laugh. One day I'll take a picture and hold it over their heads when they're teenagers.


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