Monday, 5 January 2009

The Greatest Race... that never was.

Lion had set up a race track in our house with a tape measure as the finishing line. No, your right, we don't have room for that but I have turned down so many of his un-doable ideas today that a race track seemed like it was the least I could do. I had one race with him then went back to my cleaning and the following ensued...

L: Mummy, is Huddy with you?
M: Yes he is, do you want to race with him? (scoops up imaginary bird and passes him to Lion)
L: Yes he will race with me. (trundles off and runs his 5 metre long race (I told you we didn't have room))
L: YAY, I woned.

*two minutes pass*

L: (sobbing) Huddy doesn't want to have another race because he is sitting at the finishing line crying.
M: why is he crying?
L: Because he is crying because he didn't won the race.
M: Darling you know he is YOUR imaginary bird and he can only do what ever you imagine him to do so you can imagine that he is not crying.
L: No but he cries for real.


  1. I remember one day coming home to my brother bawling his eyes. When questioned as to what he was upset about he said 'all my imaginary fish have died'.

    Another day he was having an argument with a group of imaginary friends because they all said the number on his basketball was a 7, but he knew that it wasn't.

    And Roger, who drove a subaruba and went to the Universe (university), was mean to him ALL the time.

    Funny, Lion quite admires my brother....

  2. He has been a bit sensitive lately. Maybe he just needed to create an opportunity to let it all out.

  3. How sweet is that? I hope his little bird friend feels better soon and finds something he can win at. I bet he'd win a flying race!

  4. Awwwwww... that is just so cute! I actually said, " Awww" outloud.

  5. Ohh, I just love how tender little boys are.

    So how does the school system work in Australia? And, what are boardies? Hope you don't mind all the Australia questions.

  6. hey, mummy mct, we could have a lot of fun with your american friends....


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