Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Our day - in small managable bites.

Did the world start to end at your place at about 5:30 this afternoon? Yeah, sorry, that was my fault, I went to the toilet. The boys went psycho as soon as I sat down. Screaming, yelling, hitting, punching, I have no idea what else, because after a few seconds I tuned out figuring there was nothing I could do since I have no voice today and was otherwise indisposed. The little one did present himself in front of me to dob on his brother for something or other but in the process of dobbing he disclosed some of his own behavioural misadventures and once I called him on those he went back to take care of things himself... more screaming, yelling, hitting, punching... eventually I finished and went to sort them out but I wonder if I had stayed in there longer if it really would have brought about the end of the world? Things were going down hill fast around here that's for sure!

My voice came back tonight during the bed time dramatics. Much to the disappointment of my offspring. I think they thought they had a free pass tonight to go completely feral. As my voice deteriorated throughout the day so did their behaviour. I won't tell you what I coughed up tonight that got my voice back but it was wonderful to leave the bedroom in a coughing fit barely able to breathe and not able to talk and then walk back in with my stern voice in full form and lay down the law. The looks of shock on their faces was priceless. They probably think I was faking it all day but oh well.

Doing groceries this afternoon and Dragon decided to swap body parts with me. Somehow it came up that I had a very sore throat so my sweet little boy swapped necks with me so it wouldn't hurt anymore... Awwww.

I got some weird looks this afternoon at Coles when I started my shopping with one trolley and it kept wanting to go to the left and when I already have trouble steering because I have to stand further back than normal because of my belly I decided it would be easier to swap than endure the frustration now and the back ache later. I parked the trolley I had with the boys in it, ducked out, grabbed a new trolley with no visible damage, brought it in, swapped kids, handbag and a few grocery items over and put the dodgy one back. Is this really as strange as what those around me seemed to think? I have swapped trolleys before, do other people do that or is it just me? Shopping with kids is hard enough, no need to give myself a back ache with a wayward trolley too!

Lion has Kindy tomorrow. I am really hoping that his teacher is back from her course because I didn't like the relief teacher he had last Friday. I know he struggles when there is a relief teacher, he is just a bit unsure what is going on and although he has an outgoing personality he gets thrown by big things like a teacher change and then when the teacher appears to be singling him out (although I think she just didn't know his name and didn't want to admit it in front of me but it really upset me to be watching and there are better ways she could have handled it) he really doesn't take it well. Thankfully his two other regular helpers were there though and he likes them a lot. I don't know why one of them couldn't be the teacher for the day as this relief chick is usually a helper in one of the other classrooms then they could have pulled in someone else in a helper role so the kids had a more familiar face up-front.

I also need to talk to his kindy teacher tomorrow because children's church is getting up and running again and his group is the first group to "lead" one. Over-eager parents who were concerned about the lost opportunity of outreach to the non-christian families in the kindy have been roped in volunteered to help and I am rostered on to lead with his teacher! YAY! 1st Monday in July we are starting Children's Church again!

My 4 year old is better on my iPod than me and my new book couldn't help me. He set it to repeat so one song would just play over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over... well you get the picture. He couldn't tell me how to fix it though. His suggestion was that I need to go the the Y-R place and ask them "how to stop that song from J is for Jesus to not stop playing" I asked him what the Y-R place was and he gave me a detailed description of the building "it's a big building and it's not like a skyscraper but it's got a point on the top like a skyscraper" but that didn't help me so I asked how he knew they could "fix" my iPod... "well, your iPod has a spot for a plug doesn't it?"... okay so the Y-R place is just Lion's weird pronunciation of wire. I am assuming he means Dick Smith where we bought the iPod. I eventually gave up and just looked it up online and fixed it myself. I now no longer have to listen to a 3 line children's song repeating itself until I go insane if I want some tunes.

I made 6 litres of pea and ham soup today... YUM! The kids don't like it so they had the super nutritious option of spag-a-saurus and bread roll for dinner. It was their first foray into tinned spaghetti as far as I can remember and they think I'm a super fine chef and should make that for them again :(

I can't make pea and ham soup without thinking about shark attacks though... Uni prac will forever remain with me for that one thing... every winter as I make my soup I will remember prac.


  1. Ummm...you thought you could go to the bathroom ALONE and world peace would remain intact? Really?!

    Yeah, it always seems to be the end of the world when I choose to go to the bathroom. When Nurse Boy goes to the bathroom, everyone leaves him alone. It goes unnoticed. But, when I go to the bathroom, EVERYONE needs me! Not only my then fighting kids, but the phone rings and someone seems to knock on the front door.


    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  2. Hey, I understand. I've had WWIII going on outside my bathroom door before!
    I change carts if they are nutty, believe me! I hate when they are squeaking or won't turn! It is most irritating!
    I have a hard time figuring any/all technology out so don't worry...you aren't alone. My hubby wants me to get a Blackberry phone and I was like, "Um, hunny, I can't even barely turn ON the regular cell phone that I have, let alone figure a Blackberry out! No thanks!" :-) HEEHEE!


  3. mmm, i've never made pea soup, but i think i may soon. since i'm newly making baby food (bought everything for katie, i'm ashamed to say) and have really come to love the taste of the fresh puree veggies. unfortunately, i'm afraid i may be the only person willing to eat it. hope you feel better soon! katie and i were really sick 2 weeks ago and it's the pits!!

  4. I wondered whose fault that was, now I know. It's yours!

    Love how you call a cart a trolley. To cute! For us a trolley is a small (train like but it's open) rail car that carries people along on rails, alongside regular car traffic (but I suppose you know that).

    Yes, I will swap a cart out if it's not easy to push. Oh, liked the word "dobbing" too!

    Glad you're feeling better. Sounds like what I had!

    Doesn't it figure how your hair looks great before your brother's wedding??? I know, so unfair!

  5. Hope your feeling better today and the gunk has sorted it self out. Have the boys sorted themselves out too? Hope no more WW epics today.
    Sometimes I think people just like to stare. You (generic you, not you in particular) could be doing nothing out of the ordinary and it would make them stare.
    Or maybe I do weird stuff too.

  6. Pea and ham soup. Yummmmy! That sounds awesome.

    Yeah, when I'm in the bathroom Jonathan starts to climb on counters and sit on the dog and pull the cats tail and .... yeah, not even those who must pee can get a break from the craziness that are children, huh?

    I've changed trolleys (carts here) before too if the wheel is funky or if there looks like there is a booger on the handle or something. It's no one else's business. They were probably giving you a weird look because they were trying to figure out what was wrong with the cart and if they should use it or not. :-)

  7. Hi Mummy McTavish, thought I'd let you know *just in case* you're interested, Anaconda has kids' sleeping bags for $6 at the moment (normal price $19.99). :)



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