Saturday, 11 July 2009

Pregnancy, parks, girly movies and John Calvin.

I have so much to get done.  But I'm blogging instead.  Pregnancy hormones are getting the best of me lately.  I am not a nice person to be around.  At the start of this pregnancy I noticed that the censor function of my brain was either not functioning or was taking too long to kick in and I was at a high risk of saying the things that you are supposed to keep in your own head.  Once it was noted, I just had to analyse everything a bit more carefully before I let it come out... "is this something I would have said 6 months ago?"
Problem is, now the censor function is still not working properly but I am also getting very intolerant.  With Wolf, with the boys, with everyone.  So now, I am not caring if I say those things that I should censor.  I know it's not me and I will return to normal but I am turning into a grumpy old woman.  I am getting cranky at my kids so easily, I am getting frustrated with Wolf doing things that are just what he does every other day of the year but for some reason they are really annoying at the moment.  I know he is being incredibly patient with me right now, he'd probably like to put me in a cupboard and only take me back out after the first month of new baby hormones has passed.  Thing is I am being a martyr and thinking well so he should be patient with me because I am being patient with him because he's done this and this and this and this and it's all just me feeding my crankypants brain.  I can recognise it and I am apologising to him and to the boys for my stupidity over and over but I just wish I could switch it off.
On the cute side of it though, Dragon seems to have learnt something...  This morning the boys and I were having a heated discussion about eating a banana and going down for a nap.  They insisted they should have lunch (only 2 hours after breakfast) and not have to have a nap.  Mummy got cranky after they kept disagreeing with me and refusing to cooperate and eventually when things settled down I explained that they just needed to do as mummy asked and not fight it.
MMcT:  "Do you know why mummy tells you to do these things?"
Dragon: "Not perfect"
So if he has picked up anything from the crazy hormonal mummy it's that she's not perfect.  Still I was more after the "mummy knows best" or "mummy wants what's best for you" type answer.
Our holiday away has ended up being a lot shorter than expected.  $$$ played a big part in that but we managed to find a place that was in Cairns instead of Atherton but was only $80 a night for the 4 of us!!!  Then the card that we needed to use to pay wasn't the one with the money in it so by the time I had fixed that up for some reason the price had gone up $10 a night and they only had rooms left with 4 single beds instead of a double and 2 single.  Oh well, it's cheap, we'll have our own little kitchenette, we will still be able to get up to Atherton and Kuranda, we are just going for 3 nights instead of 4 or 5 like I thought we would and we are not in some secluded little bungalow somewhere like I really wanted.  Still, it's a holiday!!!!!  (see, I'm not totally a crankypants).

The council has re-done at great expense the park over the road from Grannysaurus' house.  It WAS a really little kid friendly park with ramps and slides and swings and stuff.  So they tore that out and they spent heaps of money on a lawsuit waiting to happen!  It's got gravel paths that are on quite a steep slope, the climbing frame looks like it was designed by someone that didn't realise kids under 10 ever used playgrounds.  Lion (unprompted) told us that he didn't think it was as good as the old playground.  Dragon could only use one piece of the play equipment and Lion needed close supervision on all but one piece.  There is no slide, no swings, still only one gazebo and is just generally dodgy.  But the day they took the construction fence down we went across to try it out.  I didn't want to get the other kids there in the photos so I got mostly rubbish photos but here's a couple of my cute little monsters...

Monkey boy hanging from the climbing frame.

The cutest cop in town.
Did you know that yesterday it was 500 years since John Calvin was born?  I know, that just changed your life!  Anyway, our church is having a "Calvin Conference" this weekend.  Wolf is there this afternoon and tonight we are both going to the dinner to listen to the speaker.  The boys are going to Aunty Chimera's (which they are very excited about) and Wolf and I are heading off to enjoy a nice meal and a bit of learnin'.  I am a bit worried.  At first I was excited because it is Indian for dinner!  YUM.  Then I started thinking about that and realised that it is NOT going to be good for my heartburn.  I'll have the Rennies with me and hope that I survive.
Oh, and remember these friends, with their girly girl movie taste?  Well I had lunch with them on Friday and one was SOOOO excited... Her box set of "Dr Quinn Medicine Woman" DVD's had turned up... ALL 45 OF THEM!!!!  I tuned out of the conversation for a bit when that came up.


  1. Hang in there! I go through times like this and again I have no pregnancy hormones to blame. Just cranky pants syndrome.
    Am impressed with your cooking effort. It looks mighty tasty and very useful.
    And am more than impressed with your curtain making skills. I've made curtains in the past (with a lot of blood, sweat and tears) but didn't know it was possible to make vertical blinds. Clever.
    Hope PB lets you get some sleep and the curry is kind to your oesophogeous.

  2. HAHAHAHA! The horror in your voice as you bemoan not 1 but 45 Dr Quinn Medicine Woman DVDS showing up! HAHAHAHAHA!!! You crack me up!

    Oh, and I UNDERSTAND, the 'preggo crabbys'!!! *gives you an understanding pat on the back*

  3. I wish I had been blogging when I went through pregnancy #1, PPD, and pregnancy #2 in succession. Just blog it out...we'll be here for you.

    I'm enjoying adding you to my stalk-sheet!


  4. I never watched it but my friend loved it.

    When I was pregnant with my first I wanted to fire one of the people under me but my boss said no, she said it was just because I was cranky.

    I said no, it was because he wasn't able to do the work and just did not have the skills for the job. He just couldn't catch on. You had to coax him and practically hold his hand.

    I had to work with him for months, constantly having to tell him what to do, how to do it over and over. I even wrote it down but he couldn't follow my written directions either nor his own.

    He would let the phone ring ten times without answering it, every day, because he said he had to have his pencil and paper ready to take a message. I suggested he pick it up and put it on hold so it would stop ringing. After awhile I just gave up and answered it myself.

    Anyway, I was so frustrated working with him but everyone said it was my fault because I was pg.

    I had three other people working under me beside him but they didn't have to work as closely with him, so they thought it was me being cranky too.

    So I went on maternity leave and they fired him a week later. My boss called me and said she just couldn't work with him, that he wasn't getting it, etc. and that she was sorry all that time she blamed my hormones, lol!

    Poor guy, I felt bad but the high-tech world that I used to work in was just to much for him.

  5. @Sandra- The kit for the blinds comes with all the top track stuff and a metal rod/clamp type system for the bottom of each panel. Because I wanted a lined fabric it looked neatest to not hem the edges so they are raw but wont fray because of the lining. The bottom is left raw so it can be held by the fancy little doohicky and the top just got folded over and then a strip of velcro sewn along it. The runner for each panel has the prickle side of the velcro already on it. You can buy the panels of fabric ready made that you just have to trim to the right length and attach the bottom piece but they cost the earth and were in colours we didn't like. If you are the sort of person that likes to change colour schemes I can see how these would be great because it would be so easy to change the fabric... We wont be though.

    @Deb - likewise, you are one funny lady:)

    @Everyone - Thanks.

  6. Oh the dreaded pregnancy hormones - definitely not fun, but it won't be forever. I remember being a terrible grump when I was pregnant with Ellie (more so than with the boys...hmmm does that mean you're having a girl?????)
    I think the comment about "not perfect" is ever so cute!

  7. Oh my gosh no! Nor Dr Quinn. Seems like good girls for a lunch, but do not watch, read or listen to anything they do. Good basis for a friendship!

    The pics are great girl (not nonsense) . Our playparks are so far behind what the rest of the world have - it's not even funny.

    You know, my boys are 21 months old and sometimes I think I still have preganancy hormones.


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