Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sunday Snapshot

This week was fun.  We had a blast playing at a new playground, we went to the aquarium, we did lots of stuff but before I cover any of that I want to head waaaay back here... June 2nd, Dragon started displaying minor serial killer tendencies... I meant to come back to that because it was kinda cute... in a potential serial killer way.  He was enjoying the freedom of being able to play with his brothers big boy Lego all by himself and not being subjected to the rules of the all-powerful-Lego-lord (APLL. Okay, it's not what Lion calls himself but it's the message he sends).  I think the most passionate the APLL gets about any of his rules is when they involve his minifigs... which head goes with which body, what hat/helmet/hair they wear, how many you may play with at a time.  Dragon was mixing and matching to his hearts content.  Then he appeared beside me.  "Hey, Mum! Wanna see my c'lecshun?" "uh, yeah, okay..."

Yep, he had beheaded a whole bunch of minifigs and put their heads in a tiny little Tupperware keyring.  His C'lecshun.  That's totally normal, right? All kids collect the heads of they prey at some point in their lives... right?


Like I said, our week was busy.  We started with a public holiday for the local show and spent that searching for and buying a new TV a little sooner than we had intended (ours was analogue and the analogue signal is switched of here next year so we figured we had time... but we got too used to the digital channels we got through the set top box and when that packed it in we figured we might as well move to digital sooner rather than later).  The next day the boys and I roped in a girl from church to help us get along to a special exhibit at the Museum...

Miss A was my extra set of eyes, ears, arms to help me tackle school holidays at MTQ.  That dinosaur in the picture above is always there, our local museum has a standing exhibit about our local dinosaurs but for these holidays they did a special hands on one for the kids.  There were dress ups...

Monkey thought the pith helmet was his style.. as long as you didn't try to put it on his head, it is a hat after all and he is NOT a  fan of hats.

They had a BIG pit where you could dress up and pretend to dig for dinosaur bones...

Lion is pointing on his chart to the bone he has unearthed from the pit of rubber sand.  I think he could have played here all day but one of the staff came in and made the call that something was about to happen...

This guy came out for a stroll around.  There is a man inside him, standing upright in his midsection with his legs strapped to the dino's legs... knowing that, being able to see the legs, still did not help Dragon feel at ALL comfortable with the idea of a massive dinosaur roaming the museum.  So he cuddled me.  Now there were STACKS of kids there who would have been thrilled to have the dino come really close, most just got to pat it stretching out over the ropes.

The dino came over to Dragon and I and moved in close... real close...

So close that I had to duck down so that I didn't get hit.  Then the dino put his face to my face and opened his mouth and roared!  Dragon was just a little freaked out by that.  Sam was a bit proud of his mum for standing up to the massive dinosaur.

We also did all the usual stuff like go into the usual hands on section and put Dragon's head on a fruit platter...

Eventually we dragged the kids away from there and took them to the classiest Scottish restaurant I know of.

I don't remember Wednesday, I am sure it happened... I just don't remember what we did.

Thursday we met up with some friends at a newly re-opened park.  It was ripe with photo ops... except for the two daycare centres that turned up... and the two playgroups that were there... plus the twelve kids my two friends and I were there with.  This park was so great that we will be going back with less kids and a camera to have some fun.  My sweet land Dragon found a water Dragon to play with...

There were castles to be protected...

I told him to look mean... instead he went for grumpy/bored.  Still he's the cutest castle guard I've seen!

Then there was this swing...

That's my little Lion in the middle...

And that's him upside down in the middle... I was kind of relieved he was wedged in between two older girls.

So, that was our morning at the park.

One other thing I caught on camera this week was my Monkey playing happily by himself...

And removing every single tissue from the box.  Hey, I got 5 minutes of quiet as he 'played' happily.

Sorry for the dodgy photos, lots are from my phone because I let the camera batteries die and didn't have any fresh ones charged.  We went for quantity over quality for our photos this week ☺


  1. Sounds like a fun week!
    Your dinosaur exhibition looks very much like the one we went to a while ago. It's good to see what the dinosaur puppet/man looks like. We never got within 100 metres of it. You were very brave to be roared at from that close!

  2. I wish I was one of your kids growing up doing soooooo many fun holiday things. I finally got around to doing the chalk paint yesterday (SUNDAY!!!) but if I had known for sure that today was a pupil free day I may not have even done it yesterday. We had a picnic at the beach today, but poor Daddy was sick and is going to work tonight, so we couldn't spend all day there. I WILL definitely be going to the new park though, it looks AWESOME!

  3. Wow, you packed in lots of fun for you and your kiddos for the week.

    The new play ground looks to be like a fantastic place to play.

    Here's hoping this week is a blast also.



  4. LOL about the tissues! Monkey sure is a busy little monkey. heehee

    That dinosaur is a bit creepy looking. I'd be hiding behind my mum too :)

    LOL about the Lego heads. I think all of my boys have beheaded a few toys in their days.

  5. That is one of the most epic swings I've ever seen.


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