Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Peer Pressure

Hi there, If you've popped across here because you've clicked the link in Lisa's post today under the misguided impression that you were going to be taken to a site all about Australia's vast beauty and desolate nothingness then I'm pretty sure the first post you see shouldn't contain huge amounts of ranting about the fact that my son wont poop so I thought I'd better get something else on here quick smart!

If you have come across from there please make yourself at home and start cleaning up a bit, the washing needs to be taken out of the machine, the dishes need to be loaded in the dishwasher, and the lounge room needs a good clean... leave a comment.  I'm pretty okay with most of this blogging stuff but I just can't figure out that stat counter thingo and how to tell who came from where and all that sorta stuff so please say hi, even if you are so scared by my rantings that you are never ever going to return.

If you would like to know about Australia might I point you here to see some of our local wildlife.  If you would like to learn the language my Australia Day posts from last year and this year may totally confuse you help you out.  Info on crocodiles that may or may not be accurate can be found here and here.  Feel like being thankful you don't have our spiders?  then go here.  Want to meet some more of our wildlife and find out about our day to day interactions with them? then this is the post for you.  One last little known beast that calls Australia home can be found here.

So, I hope you have fun finding out about our beautiful country.  One exciting piece of news is that we seem to have a man eating bird making his home in our back yard.  We are strangely excited by this.

Here's the big boys pointing to him (what? he's a man eating bird, not a boy eating bird!) under our poor little mango tree.

and here is a really rather dodgy close up of him.  He looks ferocious doesn't he?

So, kick aside the dried up bodies of our beautiful native green tree frogs and Barra frogs that have managed to get inside the house and not back out again (or perhaps had their insides turned into milkshakes and sucked out by those freaky spiders) and pop out onto the back patio to check out the lucky one that I rescued this morning, lovingly removing the dust bunnies from him and leaving him sit in a little dish of water to revive... or possibly leaving him sit in a dish as a meal for a snake.  (this link will bring up all the other snake related posts for you... you're welcome).

So, I'm sure this was all a part of some devious plan by Lisa to get me to do a new post and I have given in to the peer pressure by recycling all the old stuff and disguising it as new... clever aren't I?  She'll never notice.  Perhaps one day I will get a chance to do a post about our other native animals but everyone knows about our beautiful ones.  The Koalas, the Kangaroos, the Emu and the Cassowary.  Did you know Wombats poop is square?  Oh, man, I've turned it into another post about poop.  Time to go.


  1. Actually wombat poop is cubic. Square is 2 dimenional, but cubic is what you meant, right?
    Sorry about that. Maybe the DNA for being anal didn't all come from the other side of the family after all.
    Actually the not-so-cute-but-really-painful Aussies are probably unexpected to our tourists. Like stinging trees and hairy caterpillars. Maybe we have a global community obligation to warn the rest of the world:)

  2. Loved the post girl - and guess what, I have a South Africa post up today!

  3. You crack me up! Seriously! See, this is why you are so funny! I didn't even think about you freaking out! I just wanted to link to you for fun. Trust me, had I known you would get so flustered I would have done it sooner! :-) Haaaa! (That's my evil laugh, which Jonathan has really mastered lately. Should I be worried?)

    Also, that bird actually looks a bit bedraggled. I hope he doesn't die in your backyard.

  4. That Lisa is one sneaky blogger! Kudos to her for getting you to post! ;0)

    And, that bird looks very odd! I don't think I would care to come face to face with him! Seriously, is he sick or something??

    Mrs. NB

  5. Yes, I'm thinking that bird looks scared or sick or maybe it's just a wonky looking bird.
    And Oz certainly isn't all pretty birds and cute fluffy marsupials. And that's cool too.

  6. So is the bird really carnivorus?

    I didn 't mind at all hearing about "poop". Everybody does it, well maybe not Monkey. I hope he is feeling better.

    Are you still sleepless? I am.



  7. I just shoe the Aussie video to Milo. He is so into animals.

    He said, "that is the best video ever. We have to so it to dad!"


    I wish we had some extra $$$ it would be so fun to come there. You good be our offical tour guide. We could also let our kids play and we could visit and eat LOTS of chocolate. Day dreaming....awe.



  8. Well, this is the 4th time I have viewed this video.
    Milo had to show it Grandma I.
    She was reading the last comment I made. We discovered that it had a few typo's. I must apologize for all the errors, my kids were bugging me. How embarrasing.

  9. I just saw a Cassowary the other day at a zoo/tourist trap/aviary. It was so cool and scary at the same time. He swallowed two whole apples as his talent...I for one was impressed.

  10. Hey I didn't know that about wombats!
    Hope you got lots of visitors. Fun post!


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